What Is Pinterest For?

According to the Pinterest website, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine but what is pinterest for? More to the point who is Pinterest for? So what will you discover in this post? I will tell you about the various aspects of Pinterest and how to use them. Leave a comment below if you find this article helpful, it all helps with search engine rankings:)


What Is Pinterest For?

I have discovered by doing a bit of research that it is a place for people to share their ideas. You will see people sharing images of recipes, home furnishings and a whole host of other subjects. You name it and you will find it on Pinterest. The search area is in the top left corner if you are looking for something in particular.

It is basically a place where you find beautiful images on thousands of different subjects. These images are known as pins. The person who uploaded the image can link the pin to anything they want. Some people link it to their blog posts to get visitors to their site, others link directly to a product on the given subject.

Why would they do this? Well, stats have shown that people who go on Pinterest are already in buying mode. They are on the look out for ideas and if you can catch their eye with your pin, you could be on the way to making a sale through your affiliate link and a commission will be coming your way.

You also could link your pin to a blog post on a specific subject, for example you could do a post on make up on your blog and people interested in make up may go and read what you have to say on the subject. In your post of course you will probably be recommending a product that your visitor may be interested in. If you have given them what they want to know about the product in your post they may buy through your link. Happy days.

Another idea is to have a sign up form on your blog and entice people to leave their email address offering a free gift as an incentive. The free gift has to be something to do with the subject that your blog is about of course. This builds a list of prospects to market to who you know are interested in the subject.

This though is getting too far ahead for a lot of people. Let’s look at the basics and the various terms used on Pinterest

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What Is A Pin?

Pins are bookmarks that people use to save ideas they love on Pinterest.

If you click through on the Pin, you can visit the website to find out how to make it or even where to buy it if it is something you are interested in.

You will probably discover Pins you love, just click the red save button to save them to your boards (see below).

When you try a Pin, you can show people on Pinterest how it went. Tried the perfect omelette recipe? Add a photo of your omelette you made following the recipe to the Pin, add a note to show people how it went, or add helpful tips for anyone else who might want to give it a go.

Sometimes you’ll find a Pin that you know a friend will love. Send Pins directly to a friend or a group in a message to pass the inspiration around. You can also use Messages to chat with your friends, even if you aren’t sharing a Pin.

What Is a Pinterest Board?

Boards on Pinterest are like a filing system. You create boards to save your favourite pins to. To keep the pins in some sort of order you can create different boards for each subject you are interested in.

When you then see a pin you like you can save it to a board you created on that subject. When you save a pin you like you will be asked where you want to save it to, and if you haven’t already you can create a board to store it in.

Pinterest boards are very handy for someone with varying interests, just create a board and name it say ‘rock music’ and any rock music related pins you like can be saved into this board to keep them all together. You may create another for favourite recipes and save all the delicious looking recipes you find on Pinterest (there are thousands) to the board for easy access later.

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What Are Group Boards?

Group boards are as the name suggests boards with groups of members sharing their pins on different subjects. Someone may create a group board on their chosen subject. There are a lot of make money online group boards for instance and other people ask the group board owner if they can be added to the group. If accepted they can then post their pins onto this group board for more exposure.

You have to follow the group rules though, some will let you pin once or twice a day as long as you repin 1 or 2 other group members pins when you are there. This gets lots of exposure for your pins as some of these group boards have hundred of thousands of members in them.

What Are Secret Boards?

When you create a board you may want only certain people to see it. You then make it a secret board and only people that you give the link to can see it. This could be a surprise party for someone, you can then keep others updated on what is happening without the person who the party is for finding out. Very sneaky. You are safe in the knowledge that only a chosen few can get access.

Who Uses Pinterest?

There are lot of people who use Pinterest to attract people to their business and products. There are others who just like to share pictures of their hobby or interest without ever trying to sell anything.

Marketers will create very visual pins to catch your eye and as I said earlier may try to persuade you to visit their sites where they have something to sell or a blog post on something you have an interest in.

I hope you have enjoyed this short look at Pinterest and now have a good idea what Pinterest is for. Get creative and enjoy your time on there.

Make sure you come back to this site as I will make more posts on the subject of Pinterest as I delve into it and see what can be achieved.

Please leave a comment below if you found this post helpful.

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