Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Welcome to this step by step affiliate marketing for beginners post. In this article I will explain to you, how you can set up your own online business selling other people’s products. I will also show you where to go for the best training I have found online.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Training

step by step affiliate marketing for beginnersBefore I start let me explain how affiliate marketing works for anyone who is an absolute newbie to this sort of thing. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products as an affiliate in which you receive commissions for products purchased using your affiliate link.

Take Amazon for instance, you would become a part of the Amazon associate program and then promote goods that are sold on Amazon through your unique affiliate link. As I said if someone buys something using your link you will be paid a small commission, in Amazon’s case that is about 7-8% of the product cost.

There are thousands of other places where you can become an affiliate. I used Amazon as an example because they have millions of items you could promote.

Getting Started – Finding A Niche

Before you even get to the selling part of the process you will need to do a few things. First you will need to find out what niche you want to start in. A niche for those who don’t know is something like Weight Loss or Music.These are just 2 examples of millions out there. Targeting those niches though is going to be pretty tough. This is why you have to dig deeper into a niche and find a part of that niche that does not have so much competition.

In weight loss, your sub niche as they are called could be weight loss for the over 60’s. It’s a smaller niche but with enough interest for you to make a profit. In the music niche you could go for learning to play the flute or something similar and find products to promote to that audience who are searching for help on the subject. That is how you do it, narrow a niche down and you will have more chance of success.


You will also need a website to promote your affiliate links on. In the program I am involved with that means having a blog. You create content on your blog using keywords, we will go onto that later, you then guide people to your chosen product by adding links into the post. You will find links in this post and just as a reminder I will make a commission if you purchase anything from one of those links. That is why we are doing this after all, isn’t it?

So how do you go about getting a website? After you have chosen your niche you would want to have a website with a URL that has something to do with your target audience. I have another site called which is of course about music in the 70’s in the UK. Click on the link to take a look. I will show you where to get the training to set up your own website below.

step by step affiliate marketing for beginnersYou now need to add content to your website to get the attention of the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This involves using the correct keywords that matches the search people are typing in to the search engines. If you can do this properly and you are ranked on the first page of google you will get a lot of visitors to your site. Do this over and over again and you will eventually have 100’s of posts getting you visitors and hopefully the sales you want.

Keyword Research

Now as a newbie marketer you may think how do I go about finding keywords that will rank in google. Well, there is a built in keyword tool called Jaaxy inside the Wealthy Affiliate back office. This will enable you to find thousands of keywords you can use.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For BeginnersHave a look to the right, I have used the learning to play the flute example in the search, As you can see there are 3 keywords there that you may be able to rank for in google etc..

The QSR which stands for quoted search results, gives you your competition, if it is below 100 you have a great chance of ranking for that keyword. There are 2 in this example. You would then write a blog post on this subject using the keyword. You will see all this in the training when you take the 7-day trial.

Other Training You Will Need

You will need to know how to promote your blog post to get people to your site. Social media is one example. This is a massive subject and not one I can go into fully here. I will eventually do a post on it that’s for sure as it is such an important subject in anyone’s success story.

Seo is another subject you will need to learn, this involves your keywords and how to set things up properly for the search engines to notice your blog posts. This is well explained in the 7-day free courses.

At the end of the day you really need to get access to the right training. Just click on the image below and sign up for the free 7-day trial (No Credit Card Needed). If you take their advice and follow through with the training by taking massive action you will see the results that you want. These people know what they are doing and are passing on this advice so you too can become a successful affiliate marketer. I will see you on the inside.


If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer it for you. You can also contact me by email on

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

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7 thoughts on “Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”

  1. Thanks for explaining the step by step process that needs to be followed for a beginner to venture into affiliate marketing. I am partway into the process and already have a website set up with your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. The training they provide is first class and I have also recommended them to others.
    The social media aspect is a huge topic so I will be back to learn what you write about it later.
    Best of luck to us all.

    • Hi Andrew, I am glad you are getting the correct training with Wealthy Affiliate. I am on a mission to help people with starting out and not be ripped off.

      Call back as the site builds.


  2. Wow. Your post really motivated me to give affiliate marketing a try. The only thing that worries me is the website part. I do not have any experience in that field.
    Does Wealthy Affiliate helps you with that also?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Strahinja, thanks for visiting, yes you have come to the right place with Wealthy Affiliate. They will help you with the website just follow the training and you will be surprised how easy it is to build one.

      Make sure you come back as i build this site.


  3. Thanks for the information, love your slogan! Why is a written blog important for affiliate marketers? Wouldn’t IG or Youtube drive more traffic to the products you want to sell?

    • Hi Kendra, A blog is important because it is a way of building authority within the search engines which will eventually lead to a lot of organic traffic. It is not a quick way to attract visitors but you will in time notice the increase in traffic coming to view your content. IG and You Tube will drive more traffic to your products but why not use all 3. Adding social media to your strategy will also increase your traffic which you send to your blog where the links to what you are selling are embedded in your posts.

      I hope this answered your question, thanks for visiting today.

  4. Hi Frank, thank you for sharing a great article on affiliate marketing for beginners.

    In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is a great way for anyone to start an online business with very little capital and it really creates a win-win situation for all concerned.

    I endorse your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as a great training platform for beginners and even the more experienced online marketers.

    You mentioned Amazon however I find their commission to be very low, can you recommend any other affiliate marketing platforms that offer higher percentage commission than Amazon?


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