Social Media Sizing – What Size Should Images Be?

In my research for Pinterest I wondered what image sizes were the best for interaction. I then wondered what images sizes some of the other social media sites were best. In this social media sizing post I will let you know what I found.

What is pinterest for


As I have been looking at Pinterest Marketing I will start with Pinterest. The first thing you will need is a profile picture, the size on Pinterest is 165 x 165 pixels.

The pin photos sizes vary but I found that people’s opinion on this varied from each post I read. I personally have started using 735 x 1102 because I was advised in a course I am doing that if you do it any longer Pinterest will cut it off if it goes too long. I am not sure of this though because I was doing pins that were 1345 pixels and they showed up OK. But I will go along with what I am being taught in the course and see how it goes.

This is why I have put infinite in the infographic. Finally, the measurements for the board display are 220 x 150. This is if you want to make your own image as Pinterest already fill this in with your pins. This is the display above your profile picture.

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That’s it for Pinterest now let’s move on to Facebook.



Facebook has 4 images we need to look at, your profile picture of course. The cover photo which is the big one behind your profile picture. There is the post image for when you are adding photos to your wall and if you are thinking of using Facebook ads there is a certain size for this too.

OK, your profile picture first, it is recommended the size should be 300 x 300. The cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315.

If you are posting images 700 x 700 is the one most people mention. Finally, the ad can be 1200 x 627.

I hope this was helpful because I always wanted to know the facebook dimensions. Let’s move onto Instagram.



There are 3 sizes for Instagram, your profile picture, the photo for posting and the ad photo.

Your profile picture should be 110 x 110, it is funny how all these Social Media sites have different sizes for everything isn’t it. Why don’t they make it easy for us all and have the same sizes, or is that too simple?

Your posting photo size should be 1080 x 1080, I don’t use Instagram but it looks like bigger is better:)

Finally your ad photo size is recommended to also be 1080 x 1080.

Twitter is the final Social Media site I cover.



I do not use Twitter regularly enough to know what some of these are. Of course, you have your profile picture, the header photo, the in – stream photo and the Twitter Card photo.

Your profile photo size on Twitter should be 400 x 400, see a different size again from the others.

The header photo should be 1500 x 500.

The size of the in-stream photo is 440 x 220 and finally the Twitter card photo, what is that? leave me a comment below and let me know. The recommended size is 800 x 320

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What Have We Learned Today?

You found out that the social media sizing of each site is different. Once again I say why can’t they all be the same? Is it me being lazy or is it because I want to keep it simple?

I certainly learned something doing the research and I am glad I have put all the sizes in one handy infographic, Feel free to download the image and keep it handy so you don’t have to go searching google every time you are doing a post.

Leave a comment below if you found this information useful.







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