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So now your are up and running with your website and hopefully taken advantage of the 7-day trial and got access to the training I recommended. You will find you can use a keyword tool inside the back office called Jaaxy. This is a great tool as it will give you ideas of the keywords to build your website content around.

Read on, as I take you through the process and explain why keywords are so important in building a business online.

Jaaxy Keyword ToolWhy Do We Need Keywords

You may wonder why people keep saying you need to use the keywords in your articles. The answer is quite simple it is for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When people are searching for something online what they type into the search engines are keywords. There are different types of keyword, some are just one word but others are longer like 3,4,5, or even 6 words long. These are known as long tail keywords.

Using keywords in your posts are the way of getting noticed by the search engines as they crawl your site. If you do this correctly you could be ranking on the first page of Google, can you imagine the amount of visitors you would get to your site and every visitor is a possible sale for you. The process is not to use the keyword about 50 times in your post to catch the attention of those search engines. It is to strategically place the keyword or long tail keyword in your post.

Why do we do this? When people type a keyword into the search engine you want your post with the keyword they just typed to show up on the first page. As I said this gets you visitors to your site, this is known as traffic.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website but this is a free strategy and free is always good in my opinion. This is not a get-rich-quick method it is a strategy that you build up over the weeks, months and years until you have hundreds of posts. We are taught to target low competition keywords in the Wealthy Affiliate training. They also call it low hanging fruit.

Targeting low competition keywords means they do not get a lot of traffic but you have a better chance of getting on page 1 of the search engines. Google is of course the biggest of these so it is here you want to rank 1st page. You will get traffic from these posts and as I said if you have hundreds of articles on your site that can turn into a lot of visitors and will lead to sales.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This is a tool that you will have access to if your take the trial mentioned above. I will show you how your can use it to build a list of keywords that will keep you busy for months. Look at the example below I typed in affiliate marketing and I get a list of possible keywords to use. Let me explain what you are seeing. Underneath where I typed in affiliate marketing your will see a row of words AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO.

AVG is the average amount of people who typed in the keyword affiliate marketing, in this example it was 35,168. Next to that is the traffic which is the possible traffic you could expect if you ranked on google page 1 for that keyword. The Next is QSR which stands for Quoted Search Results the number of competing websites ranked in google for this exact keyword.

We then see KQI which stands for Keyword Quality Indicator Green Is Great, Yellow is OK, Red Is Poor. We are told to concentrate on the green ones at the beginning until your site has some authority. Then you can target the yellow but when you are just starting out it will be hard to rank for that keyword. As you can see we have a few greens so they would be good keywords to use. As you can also see on the fourth result it says get QSR, I left that one like that so you could see what you click to get the QSR and KQI results.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool


As you can see above Affiliate Marketing Secrets has 100 QSI and 91 under SEO the higher the number in the SEO column the better as this means you have a great chance of competing for that keyword. This would be a good keyword to base your next post on.

What Else Does Jaxxy Offer?

There are other features inside Jaaxy like Alphabet Soup this is where you add a keyword and the search results go right through the alphabet with possible keywords you can use. You can save all the keywords you find in separate lists for different subjects.  See below there a lot of things to explore within the Jaaxy back office. When you take the 7-day trial you will get access to this tool, play around to your hearts content and see how you like it and how easy it is to find low competition keywords.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Writing Your Posts

Now you have your lists of keywords it is time to get busy building your site. Using just one of your keywords per article you can slowly build your site. We are taught to add the keyword in the title, somewhere in the first paragraph and that’s it. There is no need to cram the post full of the keyword. Search engines do not like it and will give your post poor ranking as a result.

Around 1000 words is your target as Google etc seem to prefer the longer posts these days. So 1000 words or more is even better.


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8 thoughts on “Keyword Research – Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool”

  1. Hi Frank thank you for a very clear and concise review of Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool.

    In my opinion, it is a great tool for discovering the “low hanging fruits” to rank on the first page of Google.

    Over the years I have used many keyword search tools and in my opinion, Jaaxy has to be one of the best I have come across.

    Many people when they first start using a keyword search tool get hung up with finding keywords that have very high traffic, however, they forget high traffic also means very stiff competition with little chance of first-page ranking.

    I agree with you, if someone is just starting out, it is better to focus on the keywords with less traffic and little competition to have a good chance of showing up on the first page of Google.

    • Hi Moni, thanks for the comment. Yes the low hanging fruit keywords are the way to go. Build up your site using lots of these keywords and you will soon have a stream of visitors to your site.

      Thanks for visiting today,

  2. Jaaxy is the best place that will help you put the best word search for you out there. Frank as explained in simple terms for everyone to understand. I recommend everyone to join Frank in Wealthy Affiliate and This great program will come with it to make your business successful.

    • Hi Claudia thanks for visiting today. Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool I have used. The training in Wealthy Affiliate on how to use it is very good and explains in simple terms what type of keyword you need to look for.
      A great tool that I would recommend to anyone.


  3. Jaaxy is awesome! I use this keyword tool for all my keyword research. And I choose all the keywords as you described in your article. The results? I have many web pages rank on 1st Page of search results. And even the main domain – the home page – on 1st Page too!

    Jaaxy really rocks! And to me, any marketer or anyone doing SEO, must use this awesome keyword tool. I recommend it in all the SEO classes that I teach. And every student loves it as much as I do!

    Thank you for this review and sharing this great tool that is much needed.

    • Thanks for the comment Timotheus, It is an awesome tool and as you say you are seeing the results. It is a must for anyone doing SEO.

      Thanks for visiting today,

  4. You have explained this with such details.

    I have a clear understanding of how to use the
    tool and the importance of SEO keywords
    when I write for my blogs and other online

    This seems like a must have for any online

    Thank you for this post and explaining this
    valuable tool so well.

    • Thanks for the comment Cindy, Jaaxy is certainly a great tool to help marketers with their SEO on their websites. I would definitely recommend to people to at least take a look and try it out for themselves. You can’t beat test driving something to get a real feel for it.

      Thanksfor visiting and call back as the site builds,


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