How To Build An Email List

You hear it all the time, why do I need an email list?  How can it help my business? How do I build an email list? In this post I hope to help you understand the need for you to start building your email list as soon as possible. I have a special free report you can download today which will explain what email marketing is all about.  Grab a copy now!

Why Build An Email List?

Building an email list is by far the most effective way to initiate and build
relationships with your customers and subscribers. It is also the
BEST way to nurture and retain your audience long term.

This is how you will be able to promote your products, as well as
continually update your clients on new and upcoming products and
promotions. You can also communicate with customers and those in
your niche or market to get their feedback and help develop and grow
your business.

This is why so many Internet marketers are always looking for new and
helpful tips regarding how they can successfully build their list.
Many people simply don’t realize how easy it can be.

This is also why so many people are looking for an actual strategy as to how to
build an email list. You have to be able to reach the right market of
people, or your list won’t get you anywhere. So you have to be able
to not only develop a relationship with your customers and
subscribers, but you also need to earn their trust.

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Choosing Your Email Marketing List
Service Provider

Having an email-marketing list puts you at a distinct advantage over your
competitors and even other marketers who have yet to embrace the
world of email marketing.

An email list allows you to collect potential customers easily and
contact them when you wish to tell them about your business,
specials, and products you are offering.

There are several excellent choices today when it comes to email marketing
list service providers (also referred to as auto-responders). The
competition between them is so great that you are going to want to
spend some time going through the benefits of each service to find
the right one for your business.

The good news is that the standard among the top providers is so high
that you cannot really go wrong regardless of which one you choose.

There are several points to look at when choosing an email list management
provider. This includes customer support, price, and reliability.

Customer support is a vital factor in the service you will choose. Top providers like Aweber and
GetResponse have excellent customer service and technical support,
and you can always expect to receive a response within 24 hours
(usually less) of sending in your support request. Thankfully their
layouts and systems are so simple to use that people rarely have any

Price is also a major consideration.
Unless you plan on having an email list with hundreds of thousands of
subscribers by next week, then a service like Aweber,
GetResponse, MailChimp, or SendLane, will suffice and the cost is
only a couple hundred dollars or less per year.

These services usually charge based on the number of subscribers you have
with a minimum amount and a maximum amount. However, considering the
value that you will gain from building a list of subscribers, this
cost is almost negligible.

When it comes to email marketing list providers, don’t let price alone
be the limiting factor in your choice.

Reliability is crucial.

You will want a service that can assure delivery of your emails and that has
effective spam prevention. Consider the history of their uptime,
some of the customer reviews (both positive and negative), the
delivery rates of the service, and even the customer service rating
based on the response time and helpfulness.

Don’t get caught up in a fly-by-night auto-responder service that doesn’t
fulfill their end of the deal long term.

With all of that in mind, these factors are the main ones you should look
at when choosing an email marketing list service provider.

I use Aweber as I have found them very reliable so if you want to check
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Strategies For Getting People On To Your List

In this section, we will look over some of the most common AND proven methods and
resources for building a highly responsive and profitable email list,
regardless of your niche or target audience.

Use Pay-Per-Click Ads to Drive Traffic

If you have the budget, you can use something like Google’s Adwords
program to push traffic to your email-subscription landing page. You
can select the keywords you want to use and then create a campaign
around them, using classified  ads to get people to sign up.

Make sure you have a great landing page because every person who “clicks
away” without signing up costs you money!

Use Basic SEO Tactics 

By far one of the most common techniques for building an email list is
to have an opt-in page or form on your website. This is a page that
prompts your visitors to enter in their email contact information to
get more information regarding the topic that your website revolves

You have to make the process of giving contact information as easy as you
possibly can for your audience. Ensure that everything is in order
because the last thing people want to see is an error page when they
have just entered their personal contact information.

Offer Special Opt-in Incentives

It helps if you offer people something of value in exchange for their
contact information, such as a free report or an eBook. Also, you
have to make sure that whatever it is you are offering can be easily
accessed directly after the customer has provided their information.

This will be the best way to start things off on the right foot. Using
this method, you can also promote other products, upsells, or other
offers within the report or book – or even on the download / thank
you page as well.

Add a Sign Up Form On Every Page of Your Site

Far too many people forget to do this easy concept. Put your form in
front of your visitors’ faces. Some people that come to your website
are just “tourists” and they leave shortly after arriving.
By having this on your page, you can easily capitalize on every
little bit of traffic that visits your site, especially the bounces.

Others are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, but either don’t have the need for it at
the current time or don’t have the money. Make it easy for those
interested to keep in contact with you. Put a sign-up form “above
the fold” on each and every page.

Clearly State the Benefits of Joining Your List

On your subscription or landing page, prove
to potential subscribers that your newsletters and emails will not be
(a) spam (b) a waste of their time.

People have lots of information overload in their lives nowadays, so they
want to read things in their inboxes that are interesting, useful or

Give them a preview or clearly explain what the main benefits of being a
member of your list will be. Offer testimonials, sample messages or
an archive of older newsletter issues or information to them just for
joining. Show them what’s in it for them.

Using Solo Ads

Solo ads are advertisement spaces that you can purchase from recognized
email publishers. When these publishers send online mailers to
their subscribers, an advertisement for your company also gets added
to the mail. In many cases, the email or publication may be directly
specific to ONLY your business or offer.

You get to pick the advertisers in such a manner that your emails are
only sent to subscribers who have indicated an interest in receiving
information about businesses that offer the same service as you do,
making these emails highly targeted.

Learning how to build an email list with Solo ads is hard work, and you will
likely be better off using the services of a professional. Many
companies claim to provide these services, and you need to be careful
when picking one because they might end up getting your business
blacklisted from major email providers. Look for feedback and

Services that offer quality solo ad programs have been proven to be highly
effective and have a lot of positive feedback from their clients. You
also get the benefit of picking a service that specializes in your
industry, and this will ensure that your business gets
promoted properly.

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