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How Do You Know What To Write About?

If you have been following my other posts and have chosen your niche, got your shiny new domain name and added wordpress either through my recommendation(see domain name post) or by yourself. What do you do now? As a complete newbie at blogging how do you know what to write about, you need content to build your website don’t you? Today I am going to give you a lot of ideas of where you can get inspiration for the content of your blog posts.


Go to google and type in your niche plus forums and you will probably find a few on your niche. Go in to the forums and look and see what questions people are asking. This should give you countless ideas for your blog posts.

Below I went into google and typed affiliate marketing forums and this is one of the results I got. This is what you are looking for a list of forums that you can look through. It says 11 forums but there are only 8 listed, but if you click more items you are taking to the guys post which tells you all about the various forums. Here is the link to his blog post. If I see a good post I don’t mind sharing it with others, good on the writer for giving us the information I say.

How Do You Know What To Write About

One tip do not get too involved in the forums as you can spend a lot of time on there and the next thing you know your day has gone. You just want to go on there get a few ideas, write them down and leave, you should bookmark the forum and go back the next time you are stuck for an idea for your next blog post. Trust me I have done this, it is easy to get submerged in all the interesting stuff on these forums.


Quora.com is the biggest Q&A site on the internet. Add your niche into the search section and see what questions people are asking. These questions are from people who are desperate for answers and they will look at you as some sort of leader if you can answer it for them. That is how people start to get noticed online. By helping others solve their problems you will be seen as someone to follow and of course you can advise people to purchase products that will help them.

Make sure the products you are promoting are the real deal, nothing will go against you more than plugging a rubbish product. If you do send people to a bad product you have just lost a potential customer that could have been a repeat buyer for years to come. Do not say you have not been warned.

In the example below I typed in affiliate marketing tips and these are the top answers that appeared. As you can see people are asking questions, it is your job to answer these type of questions within your blog posts.


How Do You Know What To Write About

Facebook Groups

Another great place to find inspiration is Facebook groups. Type in your chosen niche and click groups you will get a list of groups. The size of these groups vary but some have hundreds of members and you can be sure there are questions and discussions going on in these groups to give you a lot of content ideas.

I typed in affiliate marketing and the drop down had groups on it so I clicked it and these results below appeared.


How Do You Know What To Write About



Go to our old friend google and type in your niche and see what appears in the drop down. These drop downs are searches real people are entering so you will get a lot of things to write about by answering these questions on your blog.

Make sure you research the answer and do a blog post in your own words. I have heard it said that you should write at least 1000 words in your blog posts to catch the interest of the search engines. If you do this with the right keywords, your posts will get picked up by Google, Yahoo and Bing which are 3 of the biggest search engines out there.

You Tube

It is the same with You Tube, go on there and type in your niche and see what the drop down reveals. Quite a few ideas I would imagine. Then go and check out a couple of the videos and see what questions they are answering. That’s something else you can write about.

Similar Blogs

Who in your chosen niche do you admire? In every niche there are always people you look out for and read their posts isn’t there. Visit their site and look at their past posts for inspiration, do not copy them just put your own slant on things. You don’t want to be stealing someones words do you. Duplicate content and all that.

Whilst you are there I would advise you to also have a look at the comments on their blog posts and see what questions people are asking. I bet you pick up a few lightbulb moments there. See I said you would find some ideas in this post didn’t I?


Go to Apple and listen to podcasts on your niche, you are sure to get some fresh material ideas from there.

In the example below I typed into google affiliate marketing podcasts and this is what appeared at the top. You can do the same with whatever your niche is and listen to one or two to harvest some ideas for yourself to write about.

How Do You Know What To Write About


There you go a mountain of potential blog post ideas that should keep you going for months if not years. There is always something to write and there will always be people with questions that need answering. Why don’t you provide them the answers they need. I wish you well with your writing and I look forward to maybe reading some of your posts.

leave a comment below if you found this info useful.

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Until we meet again, all the best for the future and get writing,


13 thoughts on “How Do You Know What To Write About?”

  1. Thank you for such a useful post Frank. I’m not a newbie but got a lot out of reading it. I look for blogs in my niche to get ideas but hadn’t thought of quora. I’ll also take your advice and search Facebook groups and forums. This post is a goldmine for newbies 🙂

  2. Excellent post.

    Has really helped me as I was getting writers block about what next to write about in my niche.

    Also have written a post today on my private blog at my web-hosts about time and how quick it goes so yes really relate to not getting stuck in the forums!

    Thanks Frank

    • Thanks for the comment Jason, there are a lot of ways to get ideas for your blog post in this post. In the forums you can get sucked into reading all sorts of things you didn’t even go on there for. Take my advice just go in there get what you need and get out. You can always go back anothr time.

      Thanks for visiting,

  3. Sometimes finding what to write about could be a hard process.
    Thank you for summing up the information and helping the blog starters.

    Keep up the good work, Frank.

    • Hi Teo, thanks for visiting today, I feel this information will help all new marketers who get writers block. They will find a ton of material if they visit them all.

      Happy writing,

  4. Hi Frank, great post and something that I really struggle with at times. However, it has forced me to expand my website into new areas (but still in the sane niche if course) which is good and often the next logical move depending on the nature if your website.

    You’ve given us some great tips here and I shall definitely bear them in mind. Recently I have been finding some absolute low completion gems on Ubersuggest. You just type in a keyword and it gives you lists of similar keywords, the competition and the PPC. I probably found an excess of 20 new post ideas just off the few keywords I entered. Also, you can use a lot of the new keywords and incorporate them into old posts to give them some fresh juice.

    • Thanks for the comment Stefanie, I am glad you found the post helpful. Great suggestion about Ubersuggest it will be another string to people who read this comment. If it is OK with you I will use it when I do a post on keywords.

      Thanks for visiting,

  5. Thank you so much Frank! As a fellow blogger, sometimes it can be exhausting to come up with new ideas. I’m always afraid I will never think of another blog post after every one I do LOL. I found this post extremely helpful for coming up with new posts. I typically get inspiration from other blogs, but on thing you mentioned I never thought about was Facebook groups. What a great idea. Can’t wait to put these into action. Thanks again!

    • Hi Dan, thanks for leaving a comment. That is every bloggers biggest fear that they will not have anything to write about or run out of ideas. There are plenty of ideas on this post so that should not be a problem now. Yes, facbook groups are a great way to find out what people are discussing and what they are asking questions about.

      Thanks for visiting,

  6. Thanks for your information here! So useful! I have been struggling in writing new topics sometimes. I think your tips are really helpful. I will bookmark your blog and come to here to get some tips later. I think quora and google and forums are quite good for helping us have new ideas.

    • Thanks for your coment Fiona, I am glad you got something out of this post. It is surprising the different places you can go to get inspiration for your blog posts. I am glad you have bookmarked the site as you will see the site grow in the coming months.

      Thanks for visiting today,

  7. Thank you for this great post Frank.
    It provides valuable content and ideas for post writers like myself. I’ve been using Quora for several months now and I find it a great source for content ideas. Also, Facebook groups are also a great traffic source for advertising your website.
    Although I used these sources I really struggle to get an increased number of visitors to my site. I was wondering if I would try paid traffic sources. What do you think about traffic and what would you suggest?

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