Email Marketing Tips – Part 2

Hi welcome to part 2 of the Email Marketing For Beginners course. If you missed the first post click here and watch the videos there first before diving in today’s email marketing tips.

Monetization Methods

In the video below you will learn what methods you can use to start monetizing your list.


How To Write A Good Follow Up Email

How do you write a good follow up email?  Find out with the tips in the video below. Very useful and vital info in this one.


How To Write A Good Promotional Email

Writing a good promotional email is vital for sales, so whatever you can learn about these types of emails is marketing gold. Watch the video below for some really helpful tips.


Email Width

In this video we discuss what is the best width for your emails to make them easier to read for your list. You have probably seen some of these long emails where they just seem like a big jumble of words. Find out how do your emails the correct way.


Signature Linking

A good way to add a link in your email is in the signature at the bottom of your email. Find out how using links in your signatures helps with sales in the video below.

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That’s if for day 2 of this email marketing for beginners course I hope you have got good value from today’s videos. Leave a comment below to let me know if you have found the tips useful.

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