Email Marketing Tips – Part 1

Welcome to this email marketing for beginners series full of email marketing tips. Over the next 3 posts on this blog I am going to take you through everything you need to know about email marketing strategies. I purchased this course with a view of selling it as my own product. I decided to use it for educating visitors to The Ultimate Newbie blog. It is a very informative series of videos that will help you get started with email marketing even if you are a newbie.



How Long Should Your Email Sequence Be?

When people first start out building a list of potential customers they have a lot of questions. The first one is how many emails should they have in their follow up sequence. If you are completely new to online marketing and don’t understand what I mean here is a quick summary. Once people opt in to your list they are added to a list you have created in your autoresponder. People who have joined your list will then be sent a series of emails that you have created and they will receive them at a time interval you have set. But, how many should you load in at the beginning? Watch the video below for 5 useful tips.


Offers v Content Ratio

The video below is about the ratio between sending affiliate offers or content to the people on your list. A lot of newbie marketers just bombard their lists with offers hoping someone will buy something. The savvy marketers will build a relationship with the people on their list first by creating helpful content and guide people towards products that will help them solve their problems.


Follow Up v Broadcast

As well as your follow up sequence mentioned above you can also broadcast to your list. Find out when it is best to broadcast and what content you can use in these broadcasts in the video below.

Subject Lines

Subject lines are a very important part of email marketing. If your subject line does not catch the attention of the people on your list they will not open the email. You may write the best email in the world but if nobody opens your emails  they will not see your offers. In the video below there is 5 great tips on subject lines.

Providing Constant Value

In the final video in today’s post you are given 5 tips on providing value to your list. As I said above bombarding your list with offer after offer is not the way to go, you will soon have them heading for that unsubscribe button. Provide value to them, Watch the video below to see what I mean.


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