Email Marketing Tips – Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the email for beginners course. The links to the first 2 posts can be found below. In today’s post we cover your follow up emails and how to do it correctly. I hope you have enjoyed the course so far and I am sure you will enjoy today’s videos.

Keeping Readers Engaged


Your Prospect Follow Up Sequence

Learn why it is so important to follow up with your prospects. The first 5-7 days after people sign up for your list are crucial. It is explained in the video below.



Buyers Follow Up Sequence

This video as the title suggests is about following up with your buyers. Your buyers list is the most important list you can build. So learn all about the follow up sequence for your buyers list below.


Complete Ingredients Of A Follow Up Email

In this final video of the course we go through the ingredients of a follow up email.

Day 1

Day 2

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Well, that’s it for the email marketing for beginners course. You have battled your way through 14 videos of what I think is quality email marketing tips. How did it go for you? Let me know below in the comments

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