What Is The Shiny Object Syndrome?

You have seen it often referred to by online marketers but what is the shiny object syndrome? I will try to explain it for you below and I hope I can help you avoid falling into the trap.


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What Is The Shiny Object Syndrome?

If you are new to online marketing you may not have experienced the shiny object syndrome yet. But those of you who have been around the internet marketing space a while will no doubt have heard of it or even like myself have falling into it at some stage.

The shiny object syndrome is where marketers who are very good with the written word or on a video persuades you that their product is the best around and this will help you build your business fast. Some of these products promise you can do it from a complete newbie with no experience. You purchase the product and take a look, within minutes you are thinking how do I do this. The products never seem to give you all the pieces of the puzzle.

So what happens then? You get an email from another marketer or even the same one with an offer of another product that will finally help you make money online. You can’t work out the first product so you purchase this new product and guess what the same thing happens leaving you confused and maybe even a bit overwhelmed with all this new stuff.

The next day you get an email or see something online that catches your eye and you go through the buying process again. Can you see the vicious circle here, if you had really made a go of the first product you maybe wouldn’t have needed the other two products. That is the shiny object syndrome, a bit like the grass is always greener on the other side. They promise you this and that and you keep going through this process jumping from one product to another. All it gets you is a pile of products and nothing to show for it. An empty wallet in some cases.

The guy in this video explains it perfectly, I have never seen him before so I have no affiliation with his training, I just thought it might help you understand the shiny object syndrome. I hope you find this useful.




How Do I Get Out Of The Shiny Object Syndrome?

This is the hard bit, I know I have been there and still am to some extent. We love to buy things but once we buy it we do not take any action on it. This frustrates the product owners as they know they have a good product and if people took action and followed the course, there is every chance they would succeed online.

But, Frank how do I get out of it you say. Try doing what I did, I unsubscribed from every marketers email list so I was no longer bombarded with new products every 5 minutes. I did stay on 1 or 2 lists as I liked the way they market in their emails. Doing this helps you when you eventually sit down and take action on your products. Writing emails is a skill that you will have to learn and learning from successful marketers will do you no harm. I then vowed not to buy another product until I had given the ones I purchased a good go.

Getting Into The Right Mindset

OK, so you are going to finally give those products you purchased a go. You will need to get into the correct mindset first, what do I mean by this? If you don’t set your mind to think, “I can do this” you will never succeed, if you already have doubts about a product before you start you will just be looking for excuses to abandon the project you have probably spent hours on.

I have been there, I know what it is like. Pretty overwhelming and there seems no way out. Get it in your mind today that you are finally going to succeed, then take the action needed to get there. I am not recommending any particular product here as you probably have already purchased a few. Just choose one of them and give it a good go. I have faith in you.



Record Your Successes

Once you start taking action you will start to feel a lot better. Do not let the little things hold you back. You may get stuck on something, re watch the video in the training you are going through and see where you are going wrong. If you are still stuck contact the product owner and ask him for help. The product owner wants you to succeed with his product as you may recommend him to others.

When you do succeed with something record it, write it down, it may be something simple but if you haven’t done it before it is a great feeling when you get it right. Things like getting your first blog up and running, how to add an optin form to it or how to add images and videos to your posts. Little things, but they matter and it is good to learn something new isn’t it?

Are You Ready To Take Action?

I hope you are now ready to take action. Go and look at those products of yours and go through them step by step until you get it right. I spent years giving up on products but saw other people succeeding with them. So where was I going wrong? My mindset wasn’t in the right place. I was expecting obstacles all the time and when I did find one I would just give up. I still have lots of products on my laptop that I have never gone through properly. So, I know how you are feeling.

I hope this post has answered your question on what is the shiny object syndrome. If you have found this post helpful leave a comment below and let me know if there is anything I can help you with.




P.S. You may as well get access to my Affiliate Marketing Course whilst you are here, you will find it very helpful as you move forward in your business.

What Are Your Plans For 2020?


Today I would like to talk about your plans for 2020. I mean with your business ambitions not your personal ones, though they are important too.

Planning for 2020

Okay, we are at the start of a new decade, are we in a better position than we were at the start of the last decade? Have things changed for you in those 10 years? Perhaps that is why you are interested in building an online business so you can change your circumstances. What figure would put you in a great position financially?

Are you looking to work from home and give up the daily commute to work? Maybe you just want an extra $100 a week to supplement your income from your job. Whatever your plans are for 2020 you need to put a plan into action.

Having a plan and a goal are vital in any business. You need to plan how you are going to achieve your goals and then take the steps needed to realize these goals.

You Need To Be Realistic

You need to be realistic in your goals, are they achievable say in the next 12 months? If you are aiming to quit your job by this time next year what do you need to do to get into that position? It’s all questions that need to be answered before you move forward.

Write your goals down and keep them near your computer so you see them all the time. This will help keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve.

Just remember everything is achievable, if you put the effort into your business you will see the results. The more effort you put in the better the results. I know this is obvious but you will be surprised how some people put in a little effort and when they get no results they give up.

That is what I need to stress to you never give up. I have done this in the past and regretted giving up on my dreams because I came to an obstacle I thought I could not overcome. If you ever get stuck on anything get in touch with me and I will try to help you overcome your obstacles. If I don’t know the answer I will try my best to find you a solution to your problem.

If you click any links in this post I will get a small commission, this does not affect the price that you pay. See affiliate disclosure here.


Time To Take Action

Now you have your goals written down it is time to make a plan of action. This is a vital part and something that held me back for years. I was taking action but in the wrong way, writing blogs daily etc.. was just not working for me. Even though I was doing this consistently I never seemed to make progress.

What was wrong is I never had a sales funnel in place to start seeing results from my efforts in driving traffic to my blog. I now know what held me back for so long. The thought of putting a funnel together was very scary as you probably are finding out. It can be very daunting to say the least.


Your First Sales Funnel

So if you take anything from this blog post today it is that you need a sales funnel in place before you send anyone to your blog. Yes, it takes a bit of work at the beginning, but once it is in place your only job then is to drive traffic to your blog posts where your sales funnel is in place to get your visitors to leave their details and therefore enter your sales funnel.

You are now building a list, which any marketer will tell you is where your business really takes off. But because you have a sales funnel in place you can start to build buyers lists which is what you are striving for, people who are willing to spend money for the information you can provide for them. This applies in any niche.


How Do I Build A Sales Funnel?

The first thing you now know you need in place is a sales funnel. Before you do anything else get this in place first. It will be the backbone of your business for years to come. There are of course all sorts of sales funnels being used by internet marketers today. From the beginners funnel with just one product to sell to the guru funnels with about 4 or 5 different products to sell. You see them all the time and I would imagine you have seen a few yourself if you have been trying to start a business online for any length of time.

Now if you think you cannot ever see yourself in a position to have the knowledge to start your first sales funnel, you are wrong. You will be happy to know I have a video course that will show you exactly what you need to get started and begin your online adventure starting today! It is going for  a massive discount today, just for visitors to my blog!

sales funnel

Thanks for visiting today.

I wish all the best for 2020, make this the year you finally make the breakthrough.

Frank Bow,

The Ultimate Newbie


P.S. I have every confidence in you and I believe everyone can go on to achieve their goals with the correct training. Taking action on what you are learning is the vital piece of the puzzle. You will be surprised by how many people watch endless training videos and never ever take action on what they are being shown. Do not let this be you.

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How To Build An Email List

You hear it all the time, why do I need an email list?  How can it help my business? How do I build an email list? In this post I hope to help you understand the need for you to start building your email list as soon as possible. I have a special free report you can download today which will explain what email marketing is all about.  Grab a copy now!

Why Build An Email List?

Building an email list is by far the most effective way to initiate and build
relationships with your customers and subscribers. It is also the
BEST way to nurture and retain your audience long term.

This is how you will be able to promote your products, as well as
continually update your clients on new and upcoming products and
promotions. You can also communicate with customers and those in
your niche or market to get their feedback and help develop and grow
your business.

This is why so many Internet marketers are always looking for new and
helpful tips regarding how they can successfully build their list.
Many people simply don’t realize how easy it can be.

This is also why so many people are looking for an actual strategy as to how to
build an email list. You have to be able to reach the right market of
people, or your list won’t get you anywhere. So you have to be able
to not only develop a relationship with your customers and
subscribers, but you also need to earn their trust.

email marketing

Choosing Your Email Marketing List
Service Provider

Having an email-marketing list puts you at a distinct advantage over your
competitors and even other marketers who have yet to embrace the
world of email marketing.

An email list allows you to collect potential customers easily and
contact them when you wish to tell them about your business,
specials, and products you are offering.

There are several excellent choices today when it comes to email marketing
list service providers (also referred to as auto-responders). The
competition between them is so great that you are going to want to
spend some time going through the benefits of each service to find
the right one for your business.

The good news is that the standard among the top providers is so high
that you cannot really go wrong regardless of which one you choose.

There are several points to look at when choosing an email list management
provider. This includes customer support, price, and reliability.

Customer support is a vital factor in the service you will choose. Top providers like Aweber and
GetResponse have excellent customer service and technical support,
and you can always expect to receive a response within 24 hours
(usually less) of sending in your support request. Thankfully their
layouts and systems are so simple to use that people rarely have any

Price is also a major consideration.
Unless you plan on having an email list with hundreds of thousands of
subscribers by next week, then a service like Aweber,
GetResponse, MailChimp, or SendLane, will suffice and the cost is
only a couple hundred dollars or less per year.

These services usually charge based on the number of subscribers you have
with a minimum amount and a maximum amount. However, considering the
value that you will gain from building a list of subscribers, this
cost is almost negligible.

When it comes to email marketing list providers, don’t let price alone
be the limiting factor in your choice.

Reliability is crucial.

You will want a service that can assure delivery of your emails and that has
effective spam prevention. Consider the history of their uptime,
some of the customer reviews (both positive and negative), the
delivery rates of the service, and even the customer service rating
based on the response time and helpfulness.

Don’t get caught up in a fly-by-night auto-responder service that doesn’t
fulfill their end of the deal long term.

With all of that in mind, these factors are the main ones you should look
at when choosing an email marketing list service provider.

I use Aweber as I have found them very reliable so if you want to check
them out for yourself click here  for more information.



Strategies For Getting People On To Your List

In this section, we will look over some of the most common AND proven methods and
resources for building a highly responsive and profitable email list,
regardless of your niche or target audience.

Use Pay-Per-Click Ads to Drive Traffic

If you have the budget, you can use something like Google’s Adwords
program to push traffic to your email-subscription landing page. You
can select the keywords you want to use and then create a campaign
around them, using classified  ads to get people to sign up.

Make sure you have a great landing page because every person who “clicks
away” without signing up costs you money!

Use Basic SEO Tactics 

By far one of the most common techniques for building an email list is
to have an opt-in page or form on your website. This is a page that
prompts your visitors to enter in their email contact information to
get more information regarding the topic that your website revolves

You have to make the process of giving contact information as easy as you
possibly can for your audience. Ensure that everything is in order
because the last thing people want to see is an error page when they
have just entered their personal contact information.

Offer Special Opt-in Incentives

It helps if you offer people something of value in exchange for their
contact information, such as a free report or an eBook. Also, you
have to make sure that whatever it is you are offering can be easily
accessed directly after the customer has provided their information.

This will be the best way to start things off on the right foot. Using
this method, you can also promote other products, upsells, or other
offers within the report or book – or even on the download / thank
you page as well.

Add a Sign Up Form On Every Page of Your Site

Far too many people forget to do this easy concept. Put your form in
front of your visitors’ faces. Some people that come to your website
are just “tourists” and they leave shortly after arriving.
By having this on your page, you can easily capitalize on every
little bit of traffic that visits your site, especially the bounces.

Others are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, but either don’t have the need for it at
the current time or don’t have the money. Make it easy for those
interested to keep in contact with you. Put a sign-up form “above
the fold” on each and every page.

Clearly State the Benefits of Joining Your List

On your subscription or landing page, prove
to potential subscribers that your newsletters and emails will not be
(a) spam (b) a waste of their time.

People have lots of information overload in their lives nowadays, so they
want to read things in their inboxes that are interesting, useful or

Give them a preview or clearly explain what the main benefits of being a
member of your list will be. Offer testimonials, sample messages or
an archive of older newsletter issues or information to them just for
joining. Show them what’s in it for them.

Using Solo Ads

Solo ads are advertisement spaces that you can purchase from recognized
email publishers. When these publishers send online mailers to
their subscribers, an advertisement for your company also gets added
to the mail. In many cases, the email or publication may be directly
specific to ONLY your business or offer.

You get to pick the advertisers in such a manner that your emails are
only sent to subscribers who have indicated an interest in receiving
information about businesses that offer the same service as you do,
making these emails highly targeted.

Learning how to build an email list with Solo ads is hard work, and you will
likely be better off using the services of a professional. Many
companies claim to provide these services, and you need to be careful
when picking one because they might end up getting your business
blacklisted from major email providers. Look for feedback and

Services that offer quality solo ad programs have been proven to be highly
effective and have a lot of positive feedback from their clients. You
also get the benefit of picking a service that specializes in your
industry, and this will ensure that your business gets
promoted properly.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


Comment below if you want me to post about other topics regarding internet marketing and I will see what I can do.

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Free Website Images

Now that you have your blog up and running I want to show you where you can get images for you new blog posts.

We all love free website images, don’t we?  Just type something into Google and click images and you then have hundreds if not thousands of photos at your disposal. Wait! Did you know if you did this and added those pictures you just found to your website you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands when the owners of the photos find out you used them.

The photos on Google are not free and you could be infringing copyright laws by using them. So where do you find free images to spruce up your blog posts? Read on.


Free Website ImagesPixabay is a good place to find royalty free CC-0 Licensed images, just go to pixabay.com and you will have access to 10,000+ free images. These are sorted into category and tags, there is also an advanced search feature pictured below where you can search by size, colour, orientation.





Free Website ImagesUnsplash is another well-known destination to go for high quality royalty free, CC-0 Licensed, and public domain photos.

Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on Unsplash


Here are a few other sites you may want to go, to see if you can find what you are looking for.

Photo Pin

Free Website Images


photo credit: joiseyshowaa Faxi on the Tungufljót via photopin (license)



Free Website Images



Public Domain Pictures

Free Website Images



Below is a list of a lot of other sites were you can get images for your website. Just click the links and you will go to the site.



Public Domain Archive




Free Images

Image Source


Free Photos



Wikimedia Commons

Just remember that content you get from  “royalty free” websites is not free to take. You need to read the permissions for each image that you use, as each one will have different rules.


That should keep you busy for a couple of hours, as you can see from the photos on this post there are some pretty amazing free images out there. Now you know where to look. Leave a comment below if you found this post helpful.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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Keyword Research – Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

So now your are up and running with your website and hopefully taken advantage of the 7-day trial and got access to the training I recommended. You will find you can use a keyword tool inside the back office called Jaaxy. This is a great tool as it will give you ideas of the keywords to build your website content around.

Read on, as I take you through the process and explain why keywords are so important in building a business online.

Jaaxy Keyword ToolWhy Do We Need Keywords

You may wonder why people keep saying you need to use the keywords in your articles. The answer is quite simple it is for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When people are searching for something online what they type into the search engines are keywords. There are different types of keyword, some are just one word but others are longer like 3,4,5, or even 6 words long. These are known as long tail keywords.

Using keywords in your posts are the way of getting noticed by the search engines as they crawl your site. If you do this correctly you could be ranking on the first page of Google, can you imagine the amount of visitors you would get to your site and every visitor is a possible sale for you. The process is not to use the keyword about 50 times in your post to catch the attention of those search engines. It is to strategically place the keyword or long tail keyword in your post.

Why do we do this? When people type a keyword into the search engine you want your post with the keyword they just typed to show up on the first page. As I said this gets you visitors to your site, this is known as traffic.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website but this is a free strategy and free is always good in my opinion. This is not a get-rich-quick method it is a strategy that you build up over the weeks, months and years until you have hundreds of posts. We are taught to target low competition keywords in the Wealthy Affiliate training. They also call it low hanging fruit.

Targeting low competition keywords means they do not get a lot of traffic but you have a better chance of getting on page 1 of the search engines. Google is of course the biggest of these so it is here you want to rank 1st page. You will get traffic from these posts and as I said if you have hundreds of articles on your site that can turn into a lot of visitors and will lead to sales.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This is a tool that you will have access to if your take the trial mentioned above. I will show you how your can use it to build a list of keywords that will keep you busy for months. Look at the example below I typed in affiliate marketing and I get a list of possible keywords to use. Let me explain what you are seeing. Underneath where I typed in affiliate marketing your will see a row of words AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO.

AVG is the average amount of people who typed in the keyword affiliate marketing, in this example it was 35,168. Next to that is the traffic which is the possible traffic you could expect if you ranked on google page 1 for that keyword. The Next is QSR which stands for Quoted Search Results the number of competing websites ranked in google for this exact keyword.

We then see KQI which stands for Keyword Quality Indicator Green Is Great, Yellow is OK, Red Is Poor. We are told to concentrate on the green ones at the beginning until your site has some authority. Then you can target the yellow but when you are just starting out it will be hard to rank for that keyword. As you can see we have a few greens so they would be good keywords to use. As you can also see on the fourth result it says get QSR, I left that one like that so you could see what you click to get the QSR and KQI results.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool


As you can see above Affiliate Marketing Secrets has 100 QSI and 91 under SEO the higher the number in the SEO column the better as this means you have a great chance of competing for that keyword. This would be a good keyword to base your next post on.

What Else Does Jaxxy Offer?

There are other features inside Jaaxy like Alphabet Soup this is where you add a keyword and the search results go right through the alphabet with possible keywords you can use. You can save all the keywords you find in separate lists for different subjects.  See below there a lot of things to explore within the Jaaxy back office. When you take the 7-day trial you will get access to this tool, play around to your hearts content and see how you like it and how easy it is to find low competition keywords.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Writing Your Posts

Now you have your lists of keywords it is time to get busy building your site. Using just one of your keywords per article you can slowly build your site. We are taught to add the keyword in the title, somewhere in the first paragraph and that’s it. There is no need to cram the post full of the keyword. Search engines do not like it and will give your post poor ranking as a result.

Around 1000 words is your target as Google etc seem to prefer the longer posts these days. So 1000 words or more is even better.


If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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How Do You Know What To Write About?

If you have been following my other posts and have chosen your niche, got your shiny new domain name and added wordpress either through my recommendation(see domain name post) or by yourself. What do you do now? As a complete newbie at blogging how do you know what to write about, you need content to build your website don’t you? Today I am going to give you a lot of ideas of where you can get inspiration for the content of your blog posts.


Go to google and type in your niche plus forums and you will probably find a few on your niche. Go in to the forums and look and see what questions people are asking. This should give you countless ideas for your blog posts.

Below I went into google and typed affiliate marketing forums and this is one of the results I got. This is what you are looking for a list of forums that you can look through. It says 11 forums but there are only 8 listed, but if you click more items you are taking to the guys post which tells you all about the various forums. Here is the link to his blog post. If I see a good post I don’t mind sharing it with others, good on the writer for giving us the information I say.

How Do You Know What To Write About

One tip do not get too involved in the forums as you can spend a lot of time on there and the next thing you know your day has gone. You just want to go on there get a few ideas, write them down and leave, you should bookmark the forum and go back the next time you are stuck for an idea for your next blog post. Trust me I have done this, it is easy to get submerged in all the interesting stuff on these forums.


Quora.com is the biggest Q&A site on the internet. Add your niche into the search section and see what questions people are asking. These questions are from people who are desperate for answers and they will look at you as some sort of leader if you can answer it for them. That is how people start to get noticed online. By helping others solve their problems you will be seen as someone to follow and of course you can advise people to purchase products that will help them.

Make sure the products you are promoting are the real deal, nothing will go against you more than plugging a rubbish product. If you do send people to a bad product you have just lost a potential customer that could have been a repeat buyer for years to come. Do not say you have not been warned.

In the example below I typed in affiliate marketing tips and these are the top answers that appeared. As you can see people are asking questions, it is your job to answer these type of questions within your blog posts.


How Do You Know What To Write About

Facebook Groups

Another great place to find inspiration is Facebook groups. Type in your chosen niche and click groups you will get a list of groups. The size of these groups vary but some have hundreds of members and you can be sure there are questions and discussions going on in these groups to give you a lot of content ideas.

I typed in affiliate marketing and the drop down had groups on it so I clicked it and these results below appeared.


How Do You Know What To Write About



Go to our old friend google and type in your niche and see what appears in the drop down. These drop downs are searches real people are entering so you will get a lot of things to write about by answering these questions on your blog.

Make sure you research the answer and do a blog post in your own words. I have heard it said that you should write at least 1000 words in your blog posts to catch the interest of the search engines. If you do this with the right keywords, your posts will get picked up by Google, Yahoo and Bing which are 3 of the biggest search engines out there.

You Tube

It is the same with You Tube, go on there and type in your niche and see what the drop down reveals. Quite a few ideas I would imagine. Then go and check out a couple of the videos and see what questions they are answering. That’s something else you can write about.

Similar Blogs

Who in your chosen niche do you admire? In every niche there are always people you look out for and read their posts isn’t there. Visit their site and look at their past posts for inspiration, do not copy them just put your own slant on things. You don’t want to be stealing someones words do you. Duplicate content and all that.

Whilst you are there I would advise you to also have a look at the comments on their blog posts and see what questions people are asking. I bet you pick up a few lightbulb moments there. See I said you would find some ideas in this post didn’t I?


Go to Apple and listen to podcasts on your niche, you are sure to get some fresh material ideas from there.

In the example below I typed into google affiliate marketing podcasts and this is what appeared at the top. You can do the same with whatever your niche is and listen to one or two to harvest some ideas for yourself to write about.

How Do You Know What To Write About


There you go a mountain of potential blog post ideas that should keep you going for months if not years. There is always something to write and there will always be people with questions that need answering. Why don’t you provide them the answers they need. I wish you well with your writing and I look forward to maybe reading some of your posts.

leave a comment below if you found this info useful.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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Frank Bow

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Buying A Domain Name – The Next Step

Now you have an idea of the niche or micro niche that you want to target it is time to move on to the next step and decide on a domain name for your website. Usually people pick a domain name that is linked to what their niche is about. This is when the newbie says how can I buy a domain name? I have never done it before, where do I even start?

In today’s post I will show you where and how to purchase your first domain name. This is the time to really think about what you want your domain name to be. You can then do a search and see if it is available. I will go through all this below.

I will also give you a list of places you can buy domain names.

How Can I Buy A Domain Name?

OK, let’s go and look at buying a domain name. You know that owning a website with your own domain name is much better than having a free website don’t you? There are a lot of places to build free websites but you have no control over these and they could be deleted at any time, for no reason and all your hard work will be gone. Building a website with your own domain name means you have complete control of the content and look of your site.

There are many places you can go to purchase domain names here is a short list of the more well-known companies.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Namecheap
  4. Domain.com
  5. Name.com
  6. Dreamhost
  7. Network Solutions
  8. Bluehost

You now have an idea of a few places to start. Let me show you how to buy a domain name. This example is with GoDaddy which is where I buy my domain names. So that seemed a good place to start.

how can i buy a domain name


A bit of background information on GoDaddy for you, just so you know they are a reputable company. They were founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, so they have been going for over 20 years which means they are here to stay. That ticks a box for me. It is estimated that over 17million people use GoDaddy with the company managing over 70 million domain names.

Checking Availability

I am sure you have a lot of ideas for a domain name for your site, but sometimes your chosen site name might not be available. Somebody may already have the dot com version of the domain name you want. There are other extensions you can get like, .co.uk or .ws to name a couple. Do not be fixated on getting a .com domain name. In the affiliate marketing industry for example finding a .com domain name with affiliate marketing in the title is pretty difficult. In  the example below I show you can get a good domain name by adding a dash in between words like affiliate-marketing-tips.com.

How can I buy a domain namedomain name

As you can see from this example affiliate-marketing-tips.com is already taken as it is a very good keyword domain, as people will be searching for affiliate marketing tips when they enter their search on google. Now look below when I type in affiliate-marketing-tips.co.uk

affiliate marketing tips

You see this is available and would be a very good domain name if this was your chosen niche.

You will notice GoDaddy want you to pay for 2 years up front. They offer you the first year at 1p in UK money and £11.99 or some other figure for the 2nd year. In this instance it is £11.99 but it varies. It still works out at £6 a year which isn’t much to have your own site.

Once you have chosen a name click the checkout button, GoDaddy will try to sell you all sorts of add-ons, like hosting etc. I will show were you can get hosting later. I noticed they want 1.99 a month for you to have an email with your name at your domain. You can do this yourself for free so do not pay for it. Once you have gone through the payment process that’s it, you are now the proud owner of your own domain.

So what are you going to do with this domain? Are you going to turn it into a blog so you can share content?

You still have to find somewhere to host your site. This means you have to pay someone to host your site on their servers.

how can i buy a domain name


Now you have your shiny new domain name you need someone to host it for you. There also lots of companies who do this service including most of the ones I mentioned above. But I want to point you in the direction of where I host my websites.

You can host up to 25 websites with your own domain names, build a website in 30 seconds, plus you get all the training you need to start earning money online through affiliate marketing. If you interested in going this route and why wouldn’t you, check out my review page on Wealthy Affiliate. Take the 7-day free trial (no credit card needed). You have nothing to lose and everything to gain just by finding out what is available to you in the back office. If you don’t like what you see, move on to something else.

Once you have your hosting sorted the next step would be to add wordpress to your site so you can start adding content. When I first started I had to do this myself with some tuition of course, it is quite easy to do. But it took me a few days or more to do it, as everything is a bit scary when you are first starting out, isn’t it?

As I mentioned above you could have your wordpress installed in 30 seconds and it is that fast and you don’t have to do much. One thing you do have to do is change your nameservers on your domain name from say GoDaddy to whoever you are hosting with. This is a simple process and it is explained for you when the time comes.


There you are you have your new domain name, hosting, nameservers changed and wordpress installed and hopefully you have taken advantage of the 7-day trial at Wealthy Affiliate to get the proper training to go forward in your online journey.

I hope you found this informative and you now know how to get a domain name, hosting and the training you need to move forward in your new business. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide for your future.

If you liked this post leave a comment below, maybe you have a question that you need answering. If I can help you with it I will. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you take advantage of the 7-day trial send me an email to let me know. I will already know as I will receive an email from Wealthy Affiliate but just to make it more personal email me at frank@theultimatenewbie.com see I told you that there is no need to pay GoDaddy 1.99 a month to have your own domain email. You will be shown how in the training.

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If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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A Newbies Guide To Finding A Niche

So, you have made the big decision that you want to become an affiliate marketer, but what do you sell and to whom. You need to find a market with lots of products to sell and people wanting these products, but where do you start? Read on.

Finding A Niche

Finding A NicheFinding a niche, for a newbie marketer can be a terrifying thought. Where do I start? What can I promote? How do I do it? All valid questions and ones I hope I can answer in this post today.

The idea of marketing online and making a living from it has been the dream of millions of people. Ever since the internet began people have been finding a way to make money from it. A lot are legitimate, don’t get me wrong, but there has always been the unscrupulous marketers, these are the ones ready to take money from the unwitting newbie. These guys then head for the hills never to be seen again.

One tip, never be like these marketers, be honest and truthful and your customers will love you for it. They will appreciate it more if you help them rather than just try to take money from them. Okay enough of that let’s get on with finding a niche.

The first thing you need to do is think of what it is you have an interest in? You may be a big football fan(soccer or American) and may be very knowledgeable on the subject. This is maybe where you can start, but the actual niche of say American football is huge and you would struggle to get into making money from this niche as a whole. What you need to do is burrow a bit deeper into the niche and find sub niches or micro niches. These are niches that are part of the bigger niche but more specialist. Yes you will have fewer people to sell to, but you know your potential customers are really interested in the subject.

Finding a nicheI have seen an article and they were promoting American football snack helmets, now that is a micro niche. I didn’t know what a snack helmet was either but here is a picture of one. People have a snack from these when they are watching a game on TV at home.

They come in all teams colours with logos too. This is not an advert:)

Who would have thought about that one as a niche? There seems to be a market for selling them though and it just goes to show there is money to be made in every niche.


You first have to do some research on your niche, then look for a micro niche within it as mentioned above. You can get a good idea about products to sell in your niche on the amazon site. Go on there and type in your chosen niche and see what the results show. If there is a lot of products you know this is going to be a profitable niche and one you should think of entering.


Here are another couple of ways of finding if you have a profitable niche or not. Go to your local supermarket and look in the magazine rack. There will probably be all different types of magazines on different subjects, these are all profitable niches. Look online at the magazine sellers and see if there are magazines on your chosen niche. If it is a yes you are on a winner.


Have you heard of the dummies books? Yes? Go to their website https://www.dummies.com/ and type in your chosen niche and if there is a book about it you can bet it is profitable or they would not print a book about it otherwise.

Hopefully you will now have an idea of what niche you want to enter, now you need to do some research.


Finding A NicheYou now need to do some keyword research for your niche. Go to the google keyword research tool and type in your niche and find out the keywords being used in your chosen niche. I do not use the google keyword research tool myself, I use a better one than that, but I will tell you more about that later.


Once you gather a list of potential keywords you need to see what the competition is for those keywords.


You need to know your competition in any business so this is why you have to find out who your competitors are. Competition is not a bad thing it shows that it is a profitable niche.

I will show you how you can get access to this information below.

Do I Need A Website

I would say you definitely need a website or blog like this one you are on now. Your blog is one way of getting visitors to your site. Through the proper use of keywords and SEO in your blog posts your articles will get picked up by the search engines. Which in turn will get you visitors to your site, this is not an overnight way of affiliate marketing it is a process of building a business for the future as your posts will be there for evermore. If you are consistent in your blog writing your site will gradually grow into an authority site in the search engines eyes, this is when it gets interesting with lots of potential customers visiting your site from Google, Yahoo and Bing etc….

Social Media

Finding A Niche

Social media is another way to get visitors to your blog posts. This has to be done properly or you could ruin your chances of customers by spamming them with link after link. I have seen a lot of people do this on Facebook and in the end these people are just ignored. You need to get the correct training so you are doing it correctly from the beginning.


You now have a good idea on your niche and you are all excited about earning money online but what next? You need to get the correct training so you can take it step by step in the correct order and not miss anything out. Some people skip certain parts of building a business by being to eager to get to the money making stage without learning the basics.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Welcome to this step by step affiliate marketing for beginners post. In this article I will explain to you, how you can set up your own online business selling other people’s products. I will also show you where to go for the best training I have found online.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Training

step by step affiliate marketing for beginnersBefore I start let me explain how affiliate marketing works for anyone who is an absolute newbie to this sort of thing. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products as an affiliate in which you receive commissions for products purchased using your affiliate link.

Take Amazon for instance, you would become a part of the Amazon associate program and then promote goods that are sold on Amazon through your unique affiliate link. As I said if someone buys something using your link you will be paid a small commission, in Amazon’s case that is about 7-8% of the product cost.

There are thousands of other places where you can become an affiliate. I used Amazon as an example because they have millions of items you could promote.

Getting Started – Finding A Niche

Before you even get to the selling part of the process you will need to do a few things. First you will need to find out what niche you want to start in. A niche for those who don’t know is something like Weight Loss or Music.These are just 2 examples of millions out there. Targeting those niches though is going to be pretty tough. This is why you have to dig deeper into a niche and find a part of that niche that does not have so much competition.

In weight loss, your sub niche as they are called could be weight loss for the over 60’s. It’s a smaller niche but with enough interest for you to make a profit. In the music niche you could go for learning to play the flute or something similar and find products to promote to that audience who are searching for help on the subject. That is how you do it, narrow a niche down and you will have more chance of success.


You will also need a website to promote your affiliate links on. In the program I am involved with that means having a blog. You create content on your blog using keywords, we will go onto that later, you then guide people to your chosen product by adding links into the post. You will find links in this post and just as a reminder I will make a commission if you purchase anything from one of those links. That is why we are doing this after all, isn’t it?

So how do you go about getting a website? After you have chosen your niche you would want to have a website with a URL that has something to do with your target audience. I have another site called MusicOfThe70s.co.uk which is of course about music in the 70’s in the UK. Click on the link to take a look. I will show you where to get the training to set up your own website below.

step by step affiliate marketing for beginnersYou now need to add content to your website to get the attention of the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This involves using the correct keywords that matches the search people are typing in to the search engines. If you can do this properly and you are ranked on the first page of google you will get a lot of visitors to your site. Do this over and over again and you will eventually have 100’s of posts getting you visitors and hopefully the sales you want.

Keyword Research

Now as a newbie marketer you may think how do I go about finding keywords that will rank in google. Well, there is a built in keyword tool called Jaaxy inside the Wealthy Affiliate back office. This will enable you to find thousands of keywords you can use.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For BeginnersHave a look to the right, I have used the learning to play the flute example in the search, As you can see there are 3 keywords there that you may be able to rank for in google etc..

The QSR which stands for quoted search results, gives you your competition, if it is below 100 you have a great chance of ranking for that keyword. There are 2 in this example. You would then write a blog post on this subject using the keyword. You will see all this in the training when you take the 7-day trial.

Other Training You Will Need

You will need to know how to promote your blog post to get people to your site. Social media is one example. This is a massive subject and not one I can go into fully here. I will eventually do a post on it that’s for sure as it is such an important subject in anyone’s success story.

Seo is another subject you will need to learn, this involves your keywords and how to set things up properly for the search engines to notice your blog posts. This is well explained in the 7-day free courses.

At the end of the day you really need to get access to the right training. Just click on the image below and sign up for the free 7-day trial (No Credit Card Needed). If you take their advice and follow through with the training by taking massive action you will see the results that you want. These people know what they are doing and are passing on this advice so you too can become a successful affiliate marketer. I will see you on the inside.


If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer it for you. You can also contact me by email on frank@theultimatenewbie.com

If you haven’t already, make sure you get access to my Affiliate Marleting Kickstart Course. Just click here and add your details.

Affiliate Marketing Kickstart


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Wealthy Affiliate Review – 2020

This is my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020, just so you know it is up to date and you are getting the most up to date information you require. So let’s get on with the review, I am going to give you a brief history of the site plus a run through of the back office.

Wealthy Affiliate History

This affiliate marketing platform was started by Kyle Loudoun And Carson Lim in September 2005. That tells you that they must be doing something right if it is still going strong in 2019 with over 1.6 million members at the last count. They started of as a keyword list site and would give people lists of keywords each month for a fee. The membership was $29.99 a month for this service.

But they thought they were lacking a few things. For one they didn’t have a way for people to communicate. People also struggled building websites and couldn’t do proper research on their own. Customers also wanted personal mentoring and support. They also wanted a way to host their sites and buy domains, more training etc..

wealthy affiliate reviewThey set about building their platform into one of the best in the business. They created a social platform so people could efficiently communicate, get help, share ideas and get mentorship. Hosting was introduced and they created a content management platform that allows people to efficiently create content, add images, and publish it directly to their websites.

Kyle and Carson added weekly, live classes and 100’s of training modules. They then created a user contributed platform so fellow experts in the industry could share their training (and you can even create your own and earn directly through WA).

Next they introduced a keyword and research platform, that allows members to outsmart the competition and do so with instant efficiency. They built platforms for engagement, feedback, and security for websites. they started offering domains at the most affordable rate online.

All in all the platform has evolved into a valuable resource for any would be affiliate marketer. They are still looking to add to this platform over the coming years and how they do it at such a low monthly cost I do not know.

Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

You get step by step training on how you can turn your passion or hobby into a money making business through blogging. Do not get worried about the blogging part as you will be surprised how much you actually know on your chosen subject. All this will be explained in your free 7-day trial.

With this trial you are able to see what type of training you will receive here at wealthy affiliate. You can also build 2 free websites using the tools in the back office and find out how simple it is to build your own money making site. I hope you find this wealthy affiliate review interesting and the tour of the back office eye-opening. I also look forward to seeing you become a success in your chosen niche in the coming months and years.

Wealthy Affiliate Back Office

wealthy affiliate review

On the left here is a screenshot of the menu in the back office of the wealthy affiliate site. This is were you will get access to all the tools you need to start your own online business,

I will go through each one to give you an idea of what to expect once you take the 7-day trial.

The focus is on blogging and keyword research so that when you write your blog posts you can get ranked in google. This is how you get organic traffic to your site(all free too:).

The more content you add to your site the more traffic you are going to get. As you build your site with your content it becomes an authority site in googles eyes. This is were you want to be.



Wealthy Affiliate Review

As you can see here, there is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, which is what you will have access to on your free trial. It is a 5 phase series of courses with 50 lessons in all. The 5 courses are as follows.



  1. Getting Started. Pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website. This is where the fun begins and it gets exciting.
  3. Making Money. You will be shown how you can make money with your site through different affiliate networks.
  4. Mastering Social Engagement. This is where you are shown how to get the word out about your site.
  5. Achieving Maximium Success Through Content Creation. How to create traffic to your site through creating content.


Wealthy Affiliate ReviewThis is where you go to add content to your site. You will find the site manager in here along with a content builder which you can publish straight to your site from within this platform. There is a site builder and a place to look for domain names.

There is also an area where you can get comments on your posts to build up your site for google rankings, and a feedback area where you can ask people to review your site and maybe give you help on how to change things around etc… finally in this part is the site support, you go here to report any technical issues you may be having with your site.

Live Events

Wealthy Affiliate Review

This as the name suggests is where you can find out about the weekly live training with Wealthy Affiliate. You have experts in the industry showing you different aspects of affiliate marketing. Seo for your content, keyword research, you tube, social media etc… These are all recorded so you can watch them at any time at your convenience. I always watch replays as they go out at 1am my time in the UK.




Wealthy Affiliate ReviewThis is where it gets interesting. You go here to get the keywords for your content using a keyword tool called Jaaxy. You can also check how your site is doing in the rankings. There are ways to find hundreds of keywords within this keyword search tool, this has to be the best keyword tool I have ever used.

You can analyze your competition in the search analysis section. Also, you can go to brainstorm HQ to find trending, popular and lucrative ideas.


Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewIn this section you can search for affiliate programs in your niche. You can join these programs and make money through promoting their products and get a percentage of the price as a commission for every product sold through your affiliate link. These percentages vary from company to company. You will find out in here though what their commission percentage is.


Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate Review


You go in here to connect with the other members of the wealthy affiliate community. There are an amazing bunch of people on here always willing to lend a hand if you are having problems with anything to do with your blog etc…

As this is a global community there always seems to be somebody on there to answer your questions 24 hours a day.



Wealthy Affiliate ReviewHelp Center


Finally we have the help center where you obviously go when you need help. You can ask a question of the site support in here or private message Kyle or Carson, they always get back to you with an answer. There are also others who are willing to help you out as you see the top helpers, just click on their photo and ask your question.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

I must admit I was very surprised how friendly everyone was in the community. I was receiving welcome messages as soon as I signed up for my free trial. This community is made up of fellow marketers and they all know what it was like to take the first steps into running your own business.

They are there to answer your questions, of which you will have many I’m sure. You can ask them to add comments to your posts in return for you doing the same for them. Everyone wants to help the others be successful in their business that is what we are here for after all. If I can help you at all just get in touch at the email address below.

Here are the differences between the starter and the premium options. You may as well have a go at the 7 day trial, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

My Conclusion

In this wealthy affiliate review I have tried to let you know that I have had a great user experience with the whole platform. The ease of use and the help and support I receive are 2nd to none. If you think that you would like your own business writing about something you love, I recommend you have a go at the 7-day trial and try it out for yourself. Create your account above, no credit cards are needed for the free trial.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100 points
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS

Leave a comment below if you found this post helpful. You can also contact me by email.


See you on the inside.

Special Bonus: Details after you create an account above.