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Social Media is a must in any business today. I have looked at a lot of training over the past couple of years regarding Social Media. Some of it has been useful some of it hasn’t and wasted me many hours.

One of the best trainers on the subject of Social Media I have found is a lady call Jo Barnes. She has done very well online using the power of facebook, pinterest, linkedin and google +.

She has put a few courses together which would be invaluable to any newbie marketer. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to learn about Social Media from one of the best. I will list them below so you can have a look and see if it is something you would be interested in.

facebook markerting 2013

Facebook Marketing 2013


LinkedIn Marketing 2013

Linkedin Marketing 2013


Pinterest Marketing 2013



Google +

Pick up all four courses in this Social Media bundle.

The Ultimate Newbie

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